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Green Planet Building

Worldwide recognition for the Austrian construction sector

Austrian know-how and technologies are recognized worldwide: Outstanding architecture, the highest level of competence in energy-efficient construction and competent construction companies ensure high-quality buildings. The Austrian Green Planet Building Award is especially dedicated to the challenges of climate protection and particularly energy-efficient buildings. How much Austrian companies are competent in this area can be recognized in several aspects. For example, Austria is the country in which the world's most passive houses were built (in terms of population).

Equally impressive is the combination of high-quality architecture with energy efficiency in various construction methods: from modern timber construction, brick structures, reinforced concrete construction or the preservation of historically valuable buildings, it is possible to meet high-quality requirements. Reason enough that particularly outstanding achievements of Austrian companies and experts abroad are conveyed with a common award. The "AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING AWARD" will be a cachet for high quality in the field of sustainable construction and will communicate the comprehensive skills of the Austrian construction industry abroad.

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