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Green Planet Building

Public patronage ensures highest credibility

AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING is a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. Through this cooperation credibility is achieved for sustainable construction "from Austria". In addition, this cooperation opens up the core competences of the founding organizations for the Austrian architecture and planning offices, construction and technology companies.

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology

In addition to its responsibility for a modern mobility system in Austria, the BMVIT is the central address for technology development and innovation in Austria. In the course of RTI programs such as "Building of Tomorrow", "Energy System of Tomorrow" or "Smart Cities", development processes are being pushed forward swiftly. Through its comprehensive activities and support services for Austrian companies, universities and research organisations, the BMVIT contributes significantly to the international positioning of Austria in the international research community.

More information about BMVIT: ENGLISH Webportal of BMVIT
More information on particularly relevant RTD programs: Web portal of Austrian Research, Technology & Innovation in Smart Cities / Energy / Construction

The Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism

The BMNT, with its comprehensive environmental policy competencies at the federal level, is primarily responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of the national climate and energy strategy, too. The national climate protection initiative klimaaktiv defines itself as an intersectoral implementation program in which numerous initiatives for preventive climate protection are taken account. klimaaktiv provides a national building standard for energy-efficient and climate-friendly construction, too. This standard is the core basis for the quality requirements of AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING. As early as 2018, well over 600 buildings of all utilisation categories were planned, constructed or renovated by the klimaaktiv standard.

More Information about BMNT: www.bmnt.gv.at
More Information about klimaaktiv: www.klimaaktiv.at
All klimaaktiv Buildings in Austria: www.klimaaktiv-gebaut.at
We ask for your understanding: Only in German, but still very impressive.

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerc

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, with its about 110 offices in over 70 countries, provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. Around 800 employees and 35 consultants around the world can assist you in locating Austrian suppliers and business partners. We organize about 1,200 events every year to bring business contacts together. Other services provided by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices range from introductions to Austrian companies looking for importers, distributors or agents to providing in-depth information on Austria as a business location and assistance in entering the Austrian market.

More information about the comprehensive services of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA: Multilingual Webservice of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA

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