Austrian Green Planet Building

Green Planet Building

AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING® (AGPB) addresses its awards to Austrian architecture and planning offices, construction companies and technology companies, which construct buildings for climate protection in an international environment.

Submit on an ongoing basis

Project promoters, architects' offices and consultants can submit their projects for the AGPB AWARD or AGPB TECHNOLOGY AWARD on an ongoing basis: Leander Brenneis,, 0699 1523 61 19.
We look forward to your submission!

More than a certificate

The award will be presented at an event. You can find impressions of the 2022 award event here. AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING® is more than "just" the award, but offers a communication package for the award-winning buildings and companies.
  • AGPB AWARD plaques for the building
  • AGPB certificates for all participating companies, presented at a festive awards event
  • Publication of the projects including the participating companies on
  • Production of a short project video (with sufficient image material)
  • Production of a factsheet
  • Press release
  • Dissemination via social media

All buildings awarded with the AGPB AWARD and the AGPB TECHNOLOGY AWARD can be found here.

Award categories

The AGPB AWARD honours the entire building. It is aimed at Austrian companies involved in the planning and/or construction of particularly construction of particularly sustainable buildings abroad. AGPB transfers the objectives and criteria of the national climate protection initiative klimaaktiv for the building and real estate industry to the international environment: the focus is on energy efficiency and climate protection.

The AGPB TECHNOLOGY AWARD has been in existence since 2020. This is aimed at Austrian companies whose technologies significantly support the goals of the AGPB's climate protection and energy efficiency goals and are used in real buildings. are used in real buildings. In contrast to the AGPB AWARD for for entire buildings, the use of the technology leads to a substantial improvement, but not full compliance with the AGPB sustainability criteria. sustainability criteria. Technologies that can be considered are ...
  • construction methods that are advantageous for climate protection.
  • efficiency technologies in the building envelope and building services.
  • technical systems for the use and optimisation of renewable energy sources in buildings.

Technologies that can be used in buildings without any claim to the AGPB objectives cannot be awarded.

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