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New communication strategy for AGPB AWARDS starting in the year 2021/22

In the years "before the pandemic", the AGPB AWARDS were always presented at an annual awards gala. COVID-19 is known to have led to many cancellations of events of this kind. In 2020 and 2021, there was therefore a backlog of buildings eligible for awards, which will now be gradually reduced from 2022 onwards.
For this reason, the awards gala format will be supplemented by permanently processed awards, which the AGPB office will communicate to the public through accompanying media work.

Award-winning buildings will be promoted through the following communication package:
  • Sending or personal handover of the AGPB AWARD plaques.
  • Sending or personal handover of the AGPB award certificates to all participating companies
  • Publication of the projects with all participating companies on the AGPB website
  • Production of a short project video (if the submitting company provides visual material for this purpose)
  • Production of short descriptions suitable for the press
  • Handling of accompanying media work, dissemination of the above-mentioned project descriptions via newsletter, infomail and social media.

Regardless of this, the AGPB office is of course planning a national award event. As soon as the date and venue are finalised, you will find the necessary information on our website.

The list of AGPB AWARDS will be continuously updated, the first awards will be published in the new award format in March 2022.

AGPB Technology as a new award category

In addition to the AGPB AWARD for whole buildings, "AGPB Technology Awards" will also be presented from 2022. This award category is aimed at Austrian companies whose technologies significantly support AGPB's climate protection and energy efficiency goals and are used in real buildings. In contrast to the AGPB AWARD for entire buildings, the use of technology leads to a significant improvement, but not to complete compliance with the AGPB sustainability criteria.

Conceivable technologies can be, without claiming to be exhaustive:
  • Construction methods with high positive significance for climate protection.
  • Use of efficiency technologies in the building envelope and in building services engineering
  • Use of technical systems for the use and optimisation of renewable energy sources in buildings.

The submission for the AGPB Technology Award" takes place in analogy to the normal AGPB AWARD submission via the online tool provided. Technologies that are used in buildings without any claim to fulfil the general AGPB objectives cannot be awarded.

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