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Green Planet Building

Public patronage ensures highest credibility

AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING is a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. Through this cooperation credibility is achieved for sustainable construction "from Austria".

AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING awards exclusively Austrian companies and their clients, who have played a significant role abroad in the planning and construction of buildings, meeting the requirements of the AGPB Award system.

The quality criteria to be taken into account correspond to the requirements of the Austrian building assessment system klimaaktiv, which is part of the national climate protection initiative. In Austria, far more than 600 high-quality buildings with the highest standards of energy efficiency and climate protection have already been built in this way. AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING wants to continue "the Austrian way of sustainable construction" worldwide.

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