Austrian Green Planet Building

Green Planet Building
© Weissenseer

DAN EXPO – high-efficiency housing in "Energy City"

Astana, Kazakhstan

The Austrian timber construction company Weissenseer successfully established its market presence in Kazakhstan as building partner of EXPO Astana.

In "Energy City", located next to the former EXPO site in Astana, up to 200 single-family homes characterized by an extremely low residual energy requirement are being built. This is achieved by a maximum energy efficiency and the use of solar thermal energy, photovoltaics, heat pumps as well as a highly efficient building envelope and building technology.

This know-how is being applied not only in Kazakhstan: Prior to the highly efficient housing project in Astana, a pilot building – realised as a complete passive house – was built in Zhouzhou, China.
The market offer is located in the luxury segment. This is also the result of experiences made in the development project LISI, which won the Solar Declathon Award, and solidifies the economic implementation. The first Energy-City buildings have already been constructed and put into operation.

The buildings are characterised by their comprehensive energy-efficient optimization, and, depending on their finishing, come in line with or even outperform the passive house standard. Supplementary equipment as PV systems, thermal solar collectors and heat-recovering ventilation systems ensure extremely low energy consumption.

More Information

Prefabricated timber buildings in low-energy and passive house design

  • Tailor-made room configurations according to the wishes of the users between 100 and 250 m².

Energy optimization, ecology

  • quadruple glazing for the transparent components, passive house construction for the thermal envelope
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar thermal technologies
  • Controlled ventilating and with heat recovery
  • timber construction, prefabricated with very short construction times

Pictures and Drawings

  • © Weissenseer
  • © Weissenseer
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