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Designer Outlet Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

A new kind of outlet shopping and leisure experience is offered by a designer outlet near Zagreb - designed as a typical Croatian city. Inspired by historic streets and marketplaces, traditional design elements and high-quality materials create a casual-stylish ambience. With a resource-saving energy concept, the designer outlet was the first of its kind in Croatia to receive a BREEAM certificate for sustainable construction.

For the optimal use of the area belonging to IKEA, ATP Vienna in cooperation with IKEA Centres and ROS Retail Outlet Shopping was commissioned with a master plan in advance and subsequently ATP Zagreb as local overall planner with the integral planning.

More Information

Designer Outlet.
Completed 2018. Total leasable area: 15,500 m².

Energy and Environmental Aspects

  • Heating and cooling is provided by geothermal energy from 264 piles. In winter, this covers 100 % of the heating needs (555MWh), and in summer, 70 % of the energy needed for cooling (343 MWh) can be extracted
  • The photovoltaic systems with a total of 1,200 solar panels on an area of 3000 m² generate 382 MWh on average per year.
  • LEDs provide energy-efficient and pleasant lighting for all store areas
  • Charging stations for electric cars encourage visitors to travel in an environmentally conscious manner
  • Solid construction


  • Blower door test: n50 = 0.6/h
  • Heating energy demand 22 kWh/m²a calculated according to PHPP
  • PER demand 212 kWh/m²a calculated according to PHPP

Building labels and awards

BREEAM certification (excellent)

Pictures and Drawings

  • © ATP/Friedmann
  • © ATP/Friedmann
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  • © ATP/Friedmann
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  • © ATP/Friedmann
  • © ATP/Friedmann
  • © ATP/Friedmann

AGPB Media, Factsheet & Video

Media Release AGPB AWARD
Factsheet Designer Outlet Croatia
Short video Designer Outlet Croatia


  • Designer Outlet Croatia d.o.o. (IKEA Centres)

Master planning

Integral planning


BREEAM certification

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