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1st Certified Passive House in China

Zhuozhou, China

The Passive House Zhuozhou of the Hebei Xinhua Curtain Wall Co. Ltd. in Zhuozhou (China) was the first officially certified passive house in China: Extremely low energy demand and high thermal comfort are the result.

Austria's competencies in energy-efficient construction were specifically used for the overall optimization of the building: from building development and controlling during the realisiation on site, to accompanying energy consumption monitoring, Austrian companies cooperate with local partners.

The room-by-room temperature control and control of the relative humidity is decentralized in the individual rooms via metallic heating and cooling ceilings. This elements are supplied with heat pumps via their own heating / cooling water circuit. All heat pumps are connected to a geothermal network of 30 geothermal probes.

Right next to the office building, an apartment building was built for employees, which also meets the requirements of a passive house.

The passive house standard is achieved by simple measures in the construction of ​​the building envelope. The well-insulated casing reduces heat losses in winter and cooling requirements in summer. The larger glass surfaces are aligned to the south. Triple glazing optimizes the summer and winter heat protection.

More Information

Office Building and Appartements
Realisation 2015. Area: 4.000 m²

Energy and Environment:

  • 1st certified passive house in China
  • Geothermal heating & cooling
  • Heat pumps
  • Ventilation system with heat recovery

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  • © Schöberl & Pöll
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