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Coffee roastery Joh. Johannson

Vestby, Norway

Joh. Johannson Coffee is Norway's leading coffee roasting company. With an annual production of 12,000 tons of coffee, the company covers approximately 35 % of all coffee drunk in Norway. The energy consumption of the new coffee distillery is covered 100 % by renewable energy, emitting 85 % less CO2 than the old production. By means of solar panels which are part of the building facade and by recovery from the heat of the roasting process, more energy is provided than the production itself needs. In terms of coffee processing, Joh. Johannson Coffee is probably the most advanced and eco-friendly plant in the world.

KIELSTEG, a self-supporting and load-bearing structural element primarily used for roof and ceiling structures in building construction, made it possible to realize the coffee roasting plant's wide-span yet slim structures. The 6,780 m² roof structure made of KIELSTEG elements allows for high load-bearing reserves of the building even in winter.

Architect Astrup og Hellern, who was commissioned with the planning, points to the high flexibility of use of the facility, which allows for future expansions and changes in production and energy generation without having to be converted and leaving the architectural appearance of the structure unchanged.

More Information

Coffee Roastery
  • Completed 2019
  • Usable floor space: 9,450 m²

Energy and environmental aspects

  • Reduction in material through KIELSTEG lightweight construction elements.
  • Energy supply through heat pump
  • Heat recovery through the roasting process
  • Solar cells on facade
  • Solar collectors on the roof
  • More energy provided than production requires
  • Steel 100 % recycled
  • Concrete for foundation is low carbon
  • Solid timber construction with cross laminated timber BBS and glulam from binderholz
  • Targeted settlement of bumblebees in specially placed nesting boxes for pollination of plants in the nearby environment

Building labels and awards

  • BREEAM certification (Excellent)
  • EMIL Award 2019 (Norsk Energi)

Pictures and Drawings

  • © Joh. Johannson Coffee Roastery
  • © Joh. Johannson Coffee Roastery
  • © Joh. Johannson Coffee Roastery
  • © Joh. Johannson Coffee Roastery
  • © Kielsteg GmbH Graz
  • © Joh. Johannson Coffee Roastery

Technology Award

KIELSTEG GmbH for the roof construction

AGPB Media, Factsheet & Video

Media release AGPB AWARD
Factsheet Coffee roastery Joh. Johannson
Video Coffee roastery Joh. Johannson


Solid timber construction



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