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Green Planet Building
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Yryskeldi Qajy Ata Meshidi Moschee

Astana, Kazakhstan

The Yryskeldi Qajy Ata Meshiti Mosque in Astana (Kazakhstan) is the first mosque in the world with a positive electricity balance and an extremely low heat demand.

Complex photovoltaic systems surrounding the entire mosque produce significantly more electrical energy than needed by the building itself. Due to Austrian know-how and technology, also the heating demand was reduced to 35% compared to the usual value in Kazakhstan.

The thermal-energetic optimization of the mosque started only after Austrian companies had been involved in the planning process. Nevertheless, the energy efficiency of the building being in operation could be enhanced in many ways: by thermal bridge optimization, the implementation of increased insulation standards and an efficient ventilation strategy with heat recovery as well as a comprehensive photovoltaic system (sidewalks, carports) in the outer area of the mosque.

More Information

Mosque - Spiritual Building
Realisation 2018. Area: 4.000 m²

Investment: 400.000 EUR

(only investment on energy optimisation)

Energy and Environment:

  • Photovoltaics 240 MWh production/year
  • Efficient Lighting
  • Dynamic Building Simulation
  • Extremely optimized building concept for reducing heating losts by thermal bridges, expanded insulation standards (eg 4-pane-glazing of windows) reduces heating demand down to 35 percent of comparable buildings

Pictures and Drawings

  • [© Kärnten Solar
  • © Kärnten Solar
  • © David Michulec NEUBAU
  • © Kärnten Solar
  • © David Michulec NEUBAU
  • © David Michulec NEUBAU
  • © David Michulec NEUBAU
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