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Passive House Office

Jiaxing, China

After Neubau was allowed to realize the first passive house in the cold north of the People's Republic of China, it was a special challenge to realize the first certified passive house office building in the warm climate zone on the property of the CETC.

The three-story building with an area of 3.000 m² in the warm and humid climate of Jiaxing was implemented with 740 m² of photovoltaics on the roof. In addition to 120,000 kWh of electrical output per year, the area provides important shading for the building to reduce cooling energy demand.

The project was accompanied by NEUBAU from design, during construction, regulation up to certification.

More Information

Completed 2019. Area: 2,265 m²

Energy and environmental aspects

  • Heating and cooling provided by air source heat pumps
  • Energy input via ceiling sails with humidity and dew point control
  • Photovoltaic system on the roof

Characteristic values

  • Heating energy demand 8,47 kWh/m²a
  • Blower door test: n50 = 0.16/h

Building labels and awards

  • Passive house certification

Pictures and Drawings

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AGPB Media, Factsheet & Video

Media release AGPB AWARD
Factsheet Passive House Office
Short video Passive House Office


  • CETC36

Energetic optimization, project support quality assurance, passive house certification

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