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Single-family house Leis

Polva, Estonia

On a land plot with a 100 meter deep well (which formerly had been used for the water supply of the village), a single-family house was built on an edge of the terrain. The ground floor of the building houses a living room, kitchen and bedroom and the corresponding adjoining rooms.

In the basement which is free-standing on the hillside, two saunas, corresponding side rooms and storerooms are located. The children's rooms and a studio are located on the upper floor. The living room is two storied, and all rooms open up to the south towards the sun.

The building meets the passive-house standard (certified) and is equipped with a ventilation heat recovery system.

A second roof floating above the building on supports carries photovoltaic elements (90 m², kWp:12.94) and is used to generate electricity as well as for summer shading. The inclined thermal collectors on the roof are optimised for summer operation (11.6 m²), the vertical thermal collectors in the façade – for winter operation (13.1 m²). The residual heat requirement is won by a heat pump from deep boreholes. The building adapts the passive house concept for the northern sun and serves as a perfect example for passive and plus-energy buildings in northern latitudes. The expected demand values are confirmed by energy consumption monitoring.

More Information

Family home
Completed 2013. Area: 177 m²

Energy and environmental aspects:

  • Central ventilation system with heat recovery for thermal conditioning
  • PV plant (90m², kWp:12,94)
  • Heat pump with deep drilling to cover the residual heat demand
  • Monitoring
  • Building materials: Wood, pulp, clay, cellar: concrete

Characteristic values

  • Blower door test: n50 = 0.36/h
  • Heat requirement 14.71 kWh/m2.a calculated according to PHPP
  • PER requirement 101 kWh/m2.a for heating, hot water, auxiliary and domestic electricity calculated according to PHPP

Building label and awards

passive house certification

Pictures and Drawings

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  • © Reinberg
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