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Green Planet Building

Raiffeisen Hochhaus Wien

Raiffeisen Klimaschutz-Hochhaus

Obere Donaustraße 91, 1020 Wien

The Raiffeisen Climate Protection Tower was built on the site of the former OPEC building on the Vienna Danube Canal. The Raiffeisen Climate Protection Tower is the most ambitious tower in Europe in terms of climate protection at the time of its construction. In the year of completion (2012), it was the only passive office tower in the world to actually be certified and comprehensively tested according to the strict criteria of the Passive House Institute Darmstadt.

Right next to an old existing building in the heart of Vienna, an 90-metre-high new building was erected that sets new standards in energy efficiency: extremely low energy requirements for heating, air conditioning and operation were the basis for the official Passive House certification. In addition, all aspects of health and comfort were taken into account in the interior design and selection of harmless materials.

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Office Building

Energy Perfomance

  • Heating Demand: 14.0 kWh/m²(PHPP)
  • Primar Energy Demand: 114.0 kWh/m²(PHPP)
  • Cooling Energy Demand: 9.4 kWh/m² (PHPP)

Indoor Air Quality

  • Usage of certified materials for all kind of indoor equipment
  • Lowest emissions on VOC & Formaldehyd, measured & certiefied

Pictures and Drawings

Building Owner

  • Raiffeisen Holding Niederösterreich Wien, in Form der Raiffeisen Wien GesbR

Consulting Team

  • Building Physics, Technical Planners: VASKO+PARTNER INGENIEURE, Ziviltechniker für Bauwesen und Verfahrenstechnik GesmbH

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