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Prefabricated Wood-Constructed Passive Houses for China

Zhuozhou, China

In Zhuozhou, a pilot project with prefabricated wooden houses in passive house quality has been implemented which demonstrates extremely low energy consumption and the advantages of timber construction.

The single-family house in Zhuozhou serves as an example of how buildings in China can be realised in future according to the Passive House standard. The infrastructure to produce passive houses on a large scale in China already exists. The Austrian timber construction company Weissenseer is cooperating with a production line from Hebei Kansen Passive House Co., Ltd., and is setting the course for sustainable construction in China.

In September 2017, the model single-family house received the Passive House certificate.

In addition to a highly efficient thermal insulation envelope, the building has a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery. A novelty for China is the insulating material used: It consists of cellulose.

More Information

Single-family house, 210 m² usable floor space

Energy indicators and environmental aspects

  • Heat requirement 6 kWh/m².a
  • Cooling requirement 18 kWh/m².a
  • Air tightness n50 (measured) 0.2 1/h
  • Primary energy demand, non-renewable 89 kWh/m².a
  • PER requirement 49 kWh/m².a

All values determined according to PHPP

  • Cellulose insulation between wooden rafter construction (roof) and wooden beam construction (outer walls)


passive house certificate

Pictures and Drawings

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  • Copyright Schöberl & Pöll GmbH
  • Copyright Schöberl & Pöll GmbH
  • Copyright Xiaohai Dong k.

Building Owner, on site construction

  • Hebei Kansen Passive House Co., Ltd.

Design and General Planning

Energy Planning, quality assurance

Additional Information

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