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Green Planet Building

The first awarded projects

As part of the first presentation of the new awarding scheme on May 8, 2018, the first four projects received an AGPB Award. The award winners are an education and office building in the United Arab Emirates, a mosque in Kazakhstan, a embassy building in Thailand and an office building with residential buildings in China. Even the wide range of utilisation and the geographic distribution of the first award-winning projects shows that Austrian know-how and Austrian technologies have extensive potential for sustainable construction worldwide.

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center, Al Ain, UAE

The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center in Al Ain (United Arab Emirates) is one of the most energy-efficient buildings troughout the Gulf region and Arab world. Highest standards in lighting design, building technology and a large photovoltaic system on the roof of the learning center and museum provide a great example of sustainable architecture.

Yryskeldi Qajy Ata Meshiti Mosque, Astana, KAZ

The Yryskeldi Qajy Ata Meshiti Mosque in Astana (Kasachstan) is the first mosque in the world with a positive electricity balance and an extremely low heat demand.

Austrian Embassy Bangkok, Bangkok, THA

The Austrian Embassy in Bangkok (Thailand) is one of the first plus-energy buildings worldwide, realized with low tech and local materials, and outstanding architecture.

1st Certified Passive House in China, Zhuozhou, CHN

The Passive House Zhuozhou of the Hebei Xinhua Curtain Wall Co. Ltd. in Zhuozhou (China) is the first officially certified passive house in China: Extremely low energy demand and high thermal comort are the result.

More than 600 already built examples in Austria

The AUSTRIAN GREEN PLANET BUILDING focuses on foreign countries and relies therein on the national quality seal of klimaaktiv. In Austria far more than 600 buildings have been planned and built according to the klimaaktiv quality criteria for construction and renovation. These include universities such as the refurbishment of the Technical University in Innsbruck or the Plus Energy Building of the Technical University Vienna, residential buildings of various sizes and construction methods in all Austrian regions as well as numerous office buildings and company headquarters (example: Raiffeisen Hochhaus Wien). A complete and constantly growing documentation of all buildings can be found in the building database of klimaaktiv.

Map of the more than 600 klimaaktiv Buildings in Austria

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